Business Leaders, Legislators from Across Virginia Come Together To Collaborate, Work To Create More Higher-Paying Jobs

The Growth and Opportunity Board conducted a successful Orientation Conference today for over 300 attendees representing the nine GO Virginia regional councils, their support organizations, interested parties, and public officials. As the implementation of GO Virginia continues to move forward, the Conference provided a platform for state and local leaders to discuss the economic concerns facing the Commonwealth and to demonstrate how GO Virginia can serve as a vehicle to help address those areas. The economic data released today at the Conference will serve as a baseline against which the regional councils can measure future economic performance as projects begin to unfold, and it will help track the success of each region in creating more higher-paying jobs.

Governor McAuliffe spoke in support of GO Virginia, as did Senator Howell and Delegate Cox, legislators who provided leadership in the passage of GO Virginia.

Growth and Opportunity Board Chairman John O. “Dubby” Wynne said, “Collaboration is at the heart of the GO Virginia initiative and today we were able to bring key leaders together from across our nine regions to demonstrate how we can set priorities, pursue meaningful opportunities, and achieve success in creating higher paying jobs in every region of the Commonwealth. We are pleased that so many leaders are committed to enhancing the economies in each of our regions. We have made great progress. This conference has provided a depth of knowledge to those responsible for successful implementation.”

Senator Janet Howell said, “We are truly all in this together. This is not just a Hampton Roads problem. This is not just a Southside or Southwest Virginia problem.This is not a rural problem.  The economic challenges facing Virginia face us all, and we all have a stake in growing a stronger, more diverse economy. And GO Virginia is part of the solution.”

Delegate Kirk Cox said, “GO Virginia is all about getting people in every region, business leaders, entrepreneurs, economic developers, educators, public officials and other stakeholders, involved in charting their own economic future.  By working together and building on each of our regions’ activities, we can tackle the many economic and fiscal challenges our state faces to once again establish Virginia as a leader.”


The GO Virginia Coalition was created to evaluate the state of the economy in Virginia and subsequently to advocate for the adoption of legislation authorizing the GO Virginia Initiatives. The coalition provides support for the Growth and Opportunity Board to create more higher paying jobs through incentivized collaboration, primarily from out-of-state revenue, that diversify and strengthen the economy in every region of the Commonwealth. The coalition is comprised of business and community leaders, partners in education and government, and interested Virginians from across the Commonwealth who support regional cooperation on private-sector growth, job creation, and career readiness.  Bipartisan and business-led, the coalition favors state incentives to encourage collaboration among business, education, and government in each region, providing a framework for implementation of the private sector-focused strategies of leading business organizations and political leaders in both parties. Learn more at


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